High-frequency simultaneous metrics antenna

Electrically small unit designed to simultaneously receive wideband signals in real time from 3 to 30 MHz.


Previous antenna systems for direction-finding and HF communications have attempted to meet the following requirements with varying degrees of success:

  1. Simultaneous dipole and loop mode performance
  2. Low noise
  3. Electrically small
  4. Wideband operation from 3 to 30 MHz

Some existing systems use many antenna structures operating in different modes, and in many implementations, covering different parts of the 3 to 30 MHz spectrum to meet these requirements. These iterations suffer from complexity, installation difficulty, balun design difficulty, and overall poor antenna performance.

To meet the above needs, Navy scientists and engineers have developed the high-frequency simultaneous metrics antenna (HF-SIMANT). This simple design consists of a conductive loop, two baluns, a 180° hybrid coupler, 2 low noise amplifiers (LNAs), and 2 receivers. The HF-SIMANT is electrically small and is designed to simultaneously receive wideband signals in real time from 3 to 30 MHz.

The HF-SIMANT can keep its system noise below that of external high frequency (HF) noise. Since it is primarily designed to receive signals it can tolerate inefficient, mismatched antennas if the internal system noise is much lower than external environmental noise because the small antenna will reject the desired signal and in-band external noise equally.

The International Telecommunication Union categorizes locations by their expected noise level into Quiet Rural, Rural, Urban, and Industrial. The HF-SIMANT is designed to have a system noise level less than the expected noise level of a Quiet Rural environment, over the HF band.

This US application number 20180076523 is directly related to US application number 20180076522 entitled Six Degrees of Freedom Ground Exploiting Vector Sensor Antenna (6Ge Antenna).

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