High-performance TCP

Outperforms the Navy’s original TCP by 50% in salt fog tests and overcomes consistency issues with 2XXX series alloys enabling qualification for use in aerospace applications


The Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, has developed and filed a patent application on a new TCP (trivalent chromium pre-treatment) composition and process that enables 50% greater salt fog resistance and broader applications with greater consistency—including 2xxx series alloys for aerospace applications under MIL-DTL-81706—as compared to the Navy’s original TCP.

High-performance TCP has been demonstrated at the 2-liter scale for unpainted (bare) corrosion resistance. Paint adhesion and painted corrosion testing are planned with the ability to scale up to larger volumes, likely 10 gallons. Further field testing, scale-up, and optimization work are needed for commercial use.

High-performance TCP (two panels on right) shows significant improvement in corrosion pitting resistance compared to standard TCP (two panels on left) after 4 weeks of exposure to ASTM B117 on 2024-T3 aluminum.

In addition to coating bulk metals, high-performance TCP also holds promise for coating aluminum powders that are used in corrosion-resistant paints and primers, such as the Navy’s aluminum-rich primers. In this application, high-performance TCP may offer economic advantages by reducing processing costs and decreasing the volume of TCP in waste streams, as compared to current products and practices. The application of high-performance TCP on metallic powder is in the proof-of-concept phase.

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