Hydrolysis system to neutralize toxic chemicals

Portable, modular, and easy to set up in temporary or remote locations


The safe destruction of toxic chemicals, including chemical weapons, has been an ongoing effort for many years – getting a boost with the ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty in 1997. In the United States, permanent facilities have been built in several locations to dispose of these compounds. However, toxic chemical stores and dumps are located in many countries around the world where permanent facilities are often impractical, if not impossible, to build and maintain.

Army researchers have developed a toxic chemical processing and disposal system that is portable and can be deployed in temporary locations to neutralize a range of bulk chemical agents. The system incorporates a reactor connected to a water source and a reagent(s) source. The toxic agent is put in the reactor and mixed with water and reagent(s) in a batch or continuous-flow setup. System instrumentation monitors temperature, pressure, pH, fluid flow, and quantity of material processed. The system fits on multiple skids for portability and configurability. Applications include neutralization of toxic chemicals used in warfare, acid mine drainage, and chemical spills.

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