Improved explosive blast shield

Highly effective defensive barrier against ground level explosions

Military Technology

Soldier affixing razor wire to a jersey barrier

Concrete jersey barriers are commonly used as blast protection around buildings, public gathering sites, and other areas in need of barrier security. They provide explosive protection and protection from vehicles used as weapons. However, their limited size, often staggered placement, and potential to create spall (flying splintered rock) as a result of a shock-wave make them an inadequate solution in many situations. Blast waves can go over the top of them and through gaps all the while shearing off pieces and creating deadly flying objects.

The Navy has addressed these weakness with a laminar blast shield that can be fitted on top of a jersey barrier or other protective object in order to provide better blast wave protection for buildings and other potential bomb targets. The blast shield includes a ductile strike layer, metallic strike surface layer, an armor plate, and a high strain rate polymer layer. Ports are cut in the interior layers forming voids and the outer layer is designed to deform into these voids under blast pressure in order to mitigate blast energy.

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