Improved safety bomb casing

Vented base plug allows for a controlled burn of explosive material in the bomb casing and prevents an explosion from occurring in the event that the bomb casing is exposed to a high-temperature environment

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Insensitive munitions have become very important in national defense technology. Many weapons developed in the past did not take into account all of the severe environments that a weapon may encounter during its lifecycle. These environments may include excessive heat or impact with bullets and fragments, and so forth.

Still today, many warhead designs have a case and a closure that has no venting ports or stress risers to allow the explosive to burn or relieve internal pressure resulting from severe heating environments. When such warheads are exposed to a fire, there is sufficient heat transfer to the explosive material inside of the bomb casing to cause an explosion of the bomb. This could cause significant damage and serious injury or even death to individuals in proximity to the bomb.

To improve the safety of insensitive munitions, Navy scientists and engineers have devised a venting system for the base plug of the ordnance. The venting ports are designed to open (melt away) upon exposure to sufficient heat and thus allow controlled burning of the explosive material within the casing.

This unique safety feature is designed to prevent tampering and to resist electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic discharge. It will even provide sealing when the ordnance is exposed to high external pressures.

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