Infrared light means for remotely controlling devices on a rotating weapon assembly, without physical contact

  • US Patent No. 9250040
  • Issued: February 02, 2016
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

The invention relates to remotely controlling a number of devices on an instrument mounted on a rotating assembly without physical contact to the assembly. A series of infrared light-emitting diodes mounted in a stationary ring configuration are placed around (but not directly touching) the rotating assembly to send control signals to infrared receiver devices located on the assembly. The rotating assembly might be the turret of a conventional Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS), the invention to replace convention internal slip-ring providing power and control to a gun on the CROWS. The infrared data links of this invention do not inhibit the movement of the rotating assembly, and further are not susceptible to radio-jamming by electronic warfare countermeasures. Additionally, the invention includes a mount that allows auxiliary devices with Picatinny Rails™ to also be attached to such a CROWS turret.

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