Inkjet-printed flexible electronic components from graphene oxide

  • US Patent No. 9025316
  • Issued: May 05, 2015
  • Status: Active

An electrical component includes an inkjet-printed graphene electrode. Graphene oxide flakes are deposited on a substrate in a graphene oxide ink using an inkjet printer. The deposited graphene oxide is thermally reduced to graphene. The electrical properties of the electrode are comparable to those of electrodes made using activated carbon, carbon nanotubes or graphene made by other methods. The electrical properties of the graphene electrodes may be tailored by adding nanoparticles of other materials to the ink to serve as conductivity enhancers, spacers, or to confer pseudocapacitance. Inkjet-printing can be used to make graphene electrodes of a desired thickness in preselected patterns. Inkjet printing can be used to make highly-transparent graphene electrodes. Inkjet-printed graphene electrodes may be used to fabricate double-layer capacitors that store energy by nanoscale charge separation at the electrode-electrolyte interface (i.e., “supercapacitors”).

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