Integrated radar, optical surveillance, and sighting system (IROS3)

System of instruments and components capable of providing a protective boundary and automated engagement capability

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The integrated radar optical surveillance and sighting system (IROS3) is one example by which navigation radar, global positioning system (GPS), 24-hour imaging electro-optic and night vision capability, stabilized small arms, high powered search lights, digital nautical charts, and high resolution displays are integrated together to provide a common tactical scene for ship’s forces to maintain 24-hour situational awareness (SA) between watch standers, patrol boats, piers, and shore based stations. IROS3 is the overarching anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) shipboard architecture that integrates sensor information and communication data while also combining automated engagement capability to protect high-value surface assets pier-side at anchorage, and while transiting restricted waterways.

IROS3 will offer a number of benefits, including a flexible architecture concept that promotes multiple configurations for varying requirements, increased SA, and improved quality of life for shipboard sailors.

The IROS3 system can be deployed on exposed high-value installations. The system has military and commercial applications and can be used to protect utilities, transportation hubs, buildings, and gathering places.

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