Interface simulator for test rig in data distribution service

  • US Patent No. 9015672
  • Issued: April 21, 2015
  • Status: Active
Software & Information Technology

A method of interface simulation is provided for enabling publication and subscription of messages for a given problem domain, without requiring development of software or code. The method includes identifying a set of messages using the DDS as a problem domain; generating said .java message class from said problem domain generated from a .idl file for Interface Definition Language (IDL); processing said .java message class by Java reflection; generating a plurality of .java message stubs generated in the IDL format of said problem domain; incorporating said plurality of .java message stubs into a .jar message class file by said Java reflection; and rendering a graphical display that enables an operator to select and edit a .java message object from said plurality of stubs in said .jar message class.

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