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Inverted magnetron with amplifying structure and associated systems and methods

  • US Patent No. 9892882
  • Issued: February 13, 2018
  • Status: Active

A magnetron characterized by a supporting cylinder, a field emission cathode, a slow wave structure, and a waveguide. The slow wave structure includes an anode block positioned coaxial with and surrounded by the field emission cathode. The anode block includes sixteen radially-projecting vane panels defining sixteen resonant cavities therebetween. Each of the resonant cavities may comprise a resonant channel portion positioned radially proximate to and axially coextensive with a center axis of the anode block. A void between the anode block and the field emission cathode, along with the resonant cavities, define an interaction region. The waveguide, comprising a cylinder characterized by an exterior layer surrounding an interior void, is capacitively coupled to the slow wave structure and configured to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy extracted from the interaction region by one (or, optionally, two) excitation rings mounted at a downstream end of the anode block.

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