Laser range finder test station

Faster evaluation and verification of integrated ranging instruments


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The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is equiped with an integrated laser range finder

Laser range finders are widely used and often their use takes place in environments where they are damaged to the point where they need to be repaired. For laser range finders incorporated in complex systems, the laser ranging component is disassembled from the integrated sight unit and other system architecture, mounted and appropriately connected to test systems, repaired, and reassembled to the overall system.  This process is time consuming and may result in further damage to the unit. Additionally, since the laser range finder is a component of a larger system in this case, it is difficult for test and repair personnel to replicate the conditions under which the unit failed and precisely diagnose the problem.

Recognizing these inefficiencies and problems, Navy scientists and engineers have developed a new test system and method for these component range finders. As example, a laser range finder including the alignment source, range source, controller and detector is mounted on a table and aligned with an independent eyepiece via multiple mirrors.  The eyepiece contains cross hairs which indicate the relative position of the incoming beam.  The location of light can be altered by adjustments to the optical axis.  Once the alignment is completed with the eyepiece, the mirrors are removed and the range finder is tested on a distant target.  This process may be repeated.

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