Light beam collimator particularly suitable for a densely packed array

  • US Patent No. 9223091
  • Issued: December 29, 2015
  • Status: Active

A method and apparatus for controlled displacement, rotation and deformation of parts of a fiber optic collimator so as to provide multiple degrees of adjustment freedom that are decoupled one from another, for adjusting the path of a light beam, comprising: an output elongate hollow node for passing a light beam therethrough and towards a lens, and an elongate hollow base node having separate top and bottom parts connected to each other by opposed ends of a plurality of flexible rods that restrict the relative movement between the top and bottom parts of the base node to substantially only translational parallel movement. Opposed portions of the top and bottom parts of the base node each include a respective screw and an opposed slanted surface, which upon interaction, develop a shearing force which is applied to the top and bottom parts of the base node and cause a translational parallel relative movement therebetween.

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