Low-cost sun tracking system for solar technology

Simple, lightweight, and easy-to-install tracking for increased solar collection


Heliostatic passive solar concentrators

All solar technologies operate by using a collector to capture radiation from the sun and convert it to usable energy. Many solar collectors rest on fixed mounts. The collector is fixed to one position, giving optimum collection during a few hours each day and lower performance the rest of the time. A solar tracking system tilts or turns collectors to follow the sun and greatly improves electrical generation. Incorporation of an axis-tilt solar tracking system usually requires reinforced structures with motors or hydraulics, which drives up system cost.

This innovation provides a mounting system that can be used with most solar technologies. It is a simple, inexpensive belt system that tracks the sun and tilts the collectors, allowing for greater energy production. The design allows the device to be constructed of lightweight, commonly available materials, therefore reducing cost and setup time.

This patent is related to Patent No. 8,479,724

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