Magazine Feed Lips Gauge

Device for testing the functionality of ammunition magazines and expedites confirmation of the reliability of fault-prone critical firearm components

Military Technology

ImageThe U.S. Army at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey has developed an apparatus to check magazine tolerances used in the U.S military’s standard issue rifles. Picatinny is a national and international leader in the research, development, engineering and production support for advanced weapons systems.

The device has been designed to check the maximum and minimum tolerances of the magazine’s feed lips. A faulty or damaged ammunition magazine can result in an unreliable or faulty weapon, putting a soldier or law enforcement officer’s life at stake. The apparatus is a simple, T-shaped GO/NO-GO tool that is quickly used by sliding the tool against the magazine’s groove contour. Prototypes are available for testing that have been adapted for magazines used in the U.S. military’s standard issue service rifle, the M16.

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