Magnetic pest control method and device

An environmentally friendly magnetic trap that can capture and immobilize insect and small rodent pests


The U.S. Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE) has developed a novel method and device to capture insect and small rodent pests. Upon consumption of a bait material infused with ferromagnetic particles (iron, nickel, cobalt, gadolinium, or magnetic alloys), pests become inescapably bound to a magnet.

Preliminary trials have demonstrated success with adult and larval mosquitos, fire ants, houseflies, and cockroaches; however, this technology can be applied to virtually any pest species that can be induced to internalize the ferromagnetic particles.

This method and device have broad potential for public health, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential pest control applications. Additionally, this pesticide-free technology is well suited to complement existing integrated pest management strategies.

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