Mechanical firing adapter for a M81 device

  • US Patent No. 9021956
  • Issued: May 05, 2015
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A mechanical firing adapter for an igniter, such as an M81, to enable remotely firing the igniter using a robot, such as a MTRS. MTRS are used in the disposal/disruption of IEDs. Igniters are generally used with a shock tube, a type of fuse that is used with explosive charges, like shape charges. The adapter has a base plate with a first area to secure the igniter, a second area to withdraw the igniter's pull-rod by the attached pull-ring, and a compound assembly that interfaces with a robot. The pull-ring is attached to a sled that moves rearward when a clinching force is applied to opposing paddles, which causes the connected angled articulating struts to spread open. The paddles are moved closer by a remote controlled robotic jaw, and this closing movement causes the sled to move rearward, pulling out the pull-rod, which sets off the explosive.

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