Message prioritization in a network

Artificial intelligence compares messages on a congested network with their related mission and prioritizes and routes those messages accordingly to deliver the most important information first

Software & Information Technology

Given the amount of data hitting us on text and email networks from around the globe, it is getting harder to sort out the important messages from the unimportant. And, when the Internet of Things (IoT) comes to fruition, we will see a dramatic increase in data flow. Some information moving on networks may be life-threatening such as data on enemy troop movements in the vicinity. Some may have service response components such as information on a cable outage. Other information may be from social networks and while less important, could nonetheless benefit from prioritization based on some measure of importance.

As a mission-driven organization, the Army has developed a software application which assesses the relevance of a message against a specific mission and prioritizes that message relative to other messages being sent. Artificial intelligence is used to determine the objective of the mission and each message is evaluated relative to that mission. The system calculates an information value for a message – a relationship of the content of the message to significant unknown data of importance to the receiver and then ranks the transmission. Information value is partially determined by qualitative attributes such as who sent the message, accuracy and precision, reliability, credibility and corroboration, and timeliness. The system further manages the communication path usage such that the higher the information value of the communication, the shorter (or more reliable) the path used to transmit the data to the destination.

This data prioritization technology will have application in industrial process and manufacturing networks, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle communications, social networking, hospital patient care, and a myriad of other communications networks where there is an overabundance of data with differing levels of importance.

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