Messaging and position location outside of the Internet or cellular networks

Single set of hardware and protocols to reduce complexity and simplify operation of messaging in remote disaster areas

Communications Software & Information Technology

Determining position location alongside the ability to text message between crew members is incredibly important to emergency field personnel, forest fire fighters, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance parties and other remotely isolated teams. In areas outside the wired communications grid, the ability to track location and effectively communicate – essential components of situational awareness – is more difficult.

Obviously, the military has an interest in providing enhanced situational awareness to ground troops; and to that point, Navy scientists and engineers have developed a wireless system that does not use the cellular network to provide communication and location information to personnel.

The Navy system utilizes satellites and short burst data (SBD) to provide location information and to relay text messages between field personnel. SBD is a simple and efficient satellite network service for transmitting short data messages. The system also loops in a central command post.

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