Metal-free primer coatings

Organic additives used to achieve metal-free, environmentally safe primer coatings


F/A-18 Hornet corrosion control inspection

The Navy has developed a chromate-free composition that offers corrosion-inhibition and protection for the pretreatment of metal surfaces. Damage from metal corrosion costs billions of dollars annually in repair, maintenance, and downtime for valuable assets. While widely used chromate primers (such as chrome VI) are effective, chromate is very toxic and poses significant health risks during application and removal. Super primers have been created using forms of zinc for corrosion control, but are experiencing only marginal success. Navy researchers have developed alternative, organic compositions that perform exceptionally well, without the use of chromate or metals.

This invention offers a means to prepare and add unique organic additives to a metal-free coating system.  The coating composition includes at least one discrete multivalent organic (DiMVO) with an epoxy resin and hardener, to form a DiMVO epoxy coating.  The metal-free DiMVO primer coatings afford protection for metal surfaces (aluminum and ferrous metals) similar to chromate primers, and better than currently available, chromate-free alternatives.

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