Method and device for the detection and track of targets in high clutter

  • US Patent No. 7154433
  • Issued: December 26, 2006
  • Status: Expired

A method for discriminating and tracking a target in a clutter cloud includes transmitting a radar signal at a signal bandwidth to: identify a range extent of a clutter cloud; determine a centroid and a velocity growth rate of the clutter cloud; and identify a direction of movement of the centroid of the clutter cloud. The method may also include locking a another radar signal having a greater signal bandwidth onto the centroid of the clutter cloud whereby the centroid is tracked within one radar range resolution bin; providing a delay line that includes at least two Doppler filters and is configured to cover a Doppler frequency range corresponding to a velocity growth rate of the clutter cloud; and processing a reflected radar signal corresponding to the greater signal bandwidth. The processing of the reflected radar signal may comprise passing the reflected radar signal through the delay line to mitigate a portion of the reflected signal that is reflected by the clutter cloud. A system and apparatus for performing the method is also provided.

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