Method of elliptic curve cryptographic key agreement using coefficient splitting

  • US Patent No. 7062044
  • Issued: June 13, 2006
  • Status: Active

A method of generating a cryptographic key in an authenticated manner using coefficient splitting. Select a prime number p and an elliptic curve of either a first class or a second class. Select a point P. The first user generates ra, wa, and Ra=raP and Wa=waP via coefficient splitting. The second user generates rb, wb, and Rb=rbP and Wb=wbP via coefficient splitting. After the users have exchanged the points Ra, Wa, Rb, Wb, the first user generates ca, ga, and caWb, and gaRb via coefficient splitting, and the second user generates cb, gb, and cbWa and gbRa via coefficient splitting. Each user then sums the corresponding results to form K and derives the cryptographic key from K in the same user-definable manner. An unauthenticated key exchange method is also presented.

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