Method for improving the range of an electromagnetic signal receiving system

  • US Patent No. 9094081
  • Issued: July 28, 2015
  • Status: Active

A receiving system is provided in which an analog electromagnetic signal is received from a signal source. A digital observable signal generator and digital to analog convertor (DAC) produce an analog observable signal while a digital dither signal generator and DAC produce an analog dither signal. The electromagnetic signal, the observable signal and the dither signal continue to a power divider via an analog signal combiner. The divider provides identical signal paths wherein each signal path includes a signal frequency bandwidth of interest. The signal paths are amplified onto an analog to digital converter (ADC). The ADC is operable for a Nyquist frequency bandwidth, wherein the dither signal includes a pseudo-random electromagnetic signal with electromagnetic energy that falls outside the signal frequency bandwidth of interest but falls within the Nyquist frequency bandwidth. A processor processes signals from the signal paths to produce a digital image of the analog electromagnetic signal.

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