Method for modeling human visual discrimination task performance of dynamic scenes

  • US Patent No. 9152880
  • Issued: October 06, 2015
  • Status: Active
Software & Information Technology

Methods for determining the probability of a human observer correctly performing a visual discrimination task of a target with a dynamic image stream, movie, are based on the V50 criterion, or the number of resolvable cycles needed by the human observer for a fifty percent probability of discrimination task completion, for performing the same visual discrimination task of the same targets in static scenes given an infinite amount of time. Once the V50 value is determined for the target set using static images, this value is used with the resolvable cycles V of the target set from the movie in an empirical Target Transfer Probability Function TTPF defined by P∞(t)=(V(t)/V50(t))1.5/(1+(V(t)/V50(t))1.5). The TTPF calculates the probability of correctly performing the visual discrimination task of a target at a given instance in time within the movie. These P∞ values are then modified by a time limited search equation.

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