Method of passive acoustic depth determination in shallow water

  • US Patent No. 9880305
  • Issued: January 30, 2018
  • Status: Active

A method of acoustic depth determination in shallow water. At least one standard acoustic sensor located below an ocean thermocline is provided. The at least one acoustic sensor operates at a first frequency regime and at a second frequency regime. The first frequency regime is above a cut-off frequency. The second frequency regime is below the cut-off frequency. Acoustic data from a moving broadband noise source is recorded at the at least one acoustic sensor. A plot of acoustic intensity as a function of frequency versus time is generated from the acoustic data. A first waveguide invariant density distribution for the first frequency regime and a second waveguide-invariant density distribution for the second frequency regime is generated from the plot using curve detection. Whether the noise source is located below the thermocline is classified based on the first and second waveguide-invariant density distributions.

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