Method of validating a private-public key pair

  • US Patent No. 9635003
  • Issued: April 25, 2017
  • Status: Active

A key pair validation method provides for a first party to generate a seed to define a private key, a public key, a session key and a validation field for the purpose of performing a cryptographic activity with a second party. The validation field is determined by encrypting the first party seed. The second party receives the first party public key and the validation field from the first party. The second party calculates a session key and utilizing the calculated session key, decrypts a cipher text to recover the first party's seed and the first party's private and public key. The recovered first party public key is compared to the received first party public key. If the received and recovered public keys match, the private-public key pair received from the first party is validated and the second party proceeds with the cryptographic task. If the received and recovered public keys do not match, the second party simply reports to the first party that the cryptographic task failed.

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