Air Force

Microgrid arrangement for integrated imaging polarimeters

  • US Patent No. 9857226
  • Issued: January 02, 2018
  • Status: Active

An integrated microgrid imaging polarimeter comprises a repeating pattern of wiregrid polarizers in a new 2×4 array that improves image resolution and quality by increasing the spatial bandwidth available for each Stokes image despite that the new repeating pattern is larger than prior art 2×2 arrays. An example embodiment has polarization orientations of the wiregrid polarizers in each 2×4 array, beginning from an arbitrary top left polarizer of each array and continuing clockwise, as: 45 degrees; zero degrees; 315 degrees; 90 degrees; zero degrees; 45 degrees; 90 degrees; and, 315 degrees. The disclosure includes an analysis showing development of the new 2×4 array and supporting its improved performance over prior art 2×2 arrays.

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