Multistatic adaptive pulse compression method and system

  • US Patent No. 7474257
  • Issued: January 06, 2009
  • Status: Expired

A radar receiver system includes a receiver, a processor, and a detector. The processor is programmed with a Multistatic Adaptive Pulse Compression (MAPC) algorithm for estimating adaptively a pulse compression filter, for each range cell of a plurality of range cells, and for each of a plurality of radar return signals, to remove interference between the radar return signals. MAPC may also include reiterative minimum mean-square error estimation for applying to each of the range cells in order to adaptively estimate a unique pulse compression filter for each cell. MAPC adaptively mitigates the masking problem that results from the autocorrelation of a waveform which produces range sidelobes scaled by the target amplitudes as well as the cross-correlation between waveforms. MAPC can also be applied when only 1 or some subset of the available illuminated radar range profiles are desired, with undesired information then discarded.

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