Nanometer-scale level structures and fabrication method for digital etching of nanometer-scale level structures

  • US Patent No. 9035408
  • Issued: May 19, 2015
  • Status: Active

A ramped etalon cavity structure and a method of fabricating same. A bi-layer stack is deposited on a substrate. The bi-layer stack includes a plurality of bi-layers. Each bi-layer of the plurality of bi-layers includes an etch stop layer and a bulk layer. A three dimensional photoresist structure is formed by using gray-tone lithography. The three dimensional photoresist is plasma etched into the bi-layer stack, thereby generating an etched bi-layer stack. The etched bi-layer stack is chemically etched with a first chemical etchant to generate a multiple-step structure on the substrate, wherein the first chemical etchant stops at the etch stop layer.

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