NAVCLEAN DRY – An environmentally friendly formulation that cleans mildew and fungal growth without causing corrosive damage to surfaces

Navy seeking industry partners to commercialize the new dry kit formulation


The growth of mildew on military aircraft can cause corrosion, operational damage and health concerns. NAVCLEAN DRY is environmentally safe and effective mildew cleaner with wide potential applications for military and commercial use. (Zachary Dalton/Navy)

Unwanted growth of mold and mildew is a serious problem on military assets. On aircraft, it can cause corrosion and operational damage, in addition to creating potential health hazards to flight crews and maintenance personnel.

Conventional products that address fungal growth on metal surfaces are frequently corrosive themselves, as well as environmentally hazardous. These problems prompted the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) to develop a highly effective and non-corrosive solution to remove mildew from military assets.

Introducing NAVCLEAN DRY, a dry mildew remover kit that improves the efficacy, portability and shelf stability of the original NAVCLEAN, and also reduces disposal problems associated with hazardous wastes. NAVCLEAN DRY is currently in advanced testing and development, and the Navy is seeking partners to license, qualify, and commercialize the product.

NAVCLEAN DRY will be packaged as a kit. All of the ingredients in the kit are made of stable, solid materials (powder and/or granules,) are soluble in water and are commercially available.  After mixing with water, NAVCLEAN DRY must be used within 24 hours after which the efficacy declines for 96 hours when it becomes inert.

NAVCLEAN DRY has been tested on a number of surfaces including aluminum alloys, steel, painted surfaces, plastic, and polyimide wire insulation, and is expected to perform equally well on other corrosion-sensitive surfaces. In addition to U.S. military markets, commercial applications may include architectural restoration, industrial equipment remediation, and treatment of HVAC systems, among many others.

NAVAIR is pursuing EPA registration of NAVCLEAN DRY as a mildewcide.

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