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NAVGUARD – Corrosion preventive compound

A highly-effective and long-lasting corrosion preventive compound for protecting metal surfaces in harsh environments


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Preventing corrosion of metals in aircraft, vehicles and structures is a critical priority for the military, especially in harsh environments where humidity, salt, and heat can reduce metal parts to piles of rust. Corrosion is difficult to detect and correct, and therefore prevention is usually the most cost-effective treatment. Applying corrosion preventive compounds (CPCs) into the internal spaces of airframes is effective in combating metal degradation. However, due to limited performance, traditional CPCs require repeated applications during regular maintenance intervals. The present invention, NAVGUARD, provides high-performance, long-lasting, corrosion protection, without requiring repeated applications. This technology is also available with a mildew inhibitor additive.

NAVGUARD was developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-81309 (Corrosion Preventive Compounds, Water Displacing, Ultra-Thin Film) and exceeds those specification requirements.  For example, NAVGUARD lasted three times longer than the 14-day neutral salt fog (ASTM B 117) requirement for aluminum panels.  In side-by-side tests with other CPC products, NAVGUARD products outperformed competitors by a factor of 3 on aluminum and steel.  This formulation is expected to perform equally well on other corrosion-sensitive surfaces. It has been tested successfully on aluminum, magnesium, and ferrous alloy surfaces.

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