NAVOIL: Corrosion-inhibiting general purpose lubricant

A high performance general purpose lubricant with the ability to inhibit corrosion


Data ImageThe US Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) has developed and tested NAVOIL, a patent-pending lubricating oil that exceeds MIL-PRF-32033 requirements and imparts 2-4x greater corrosion protection in salt spray testing than current products. NAVOIL maintains high performance at both low and high temperatures and offers a higher flash point than many competing products without sacrificing lubricity. NAVOIL is a general purpose, water-displacing lubricating oil formulated from commercially available feedstocks.

NAVOIL can be used in diverse applications including aircraft, small arms, and wherever CPCs are used. NAWCAD has funding and is pursuing field testing of the product and revision of the mil-spec to benefit greater corrosion protection.  The US Army has just published Solicitation W56HZV- PRESERVATIVE-OILS, which requests information on products that meet new corrosion protection targets, notably the salt spray test, while still meeting performance specs.

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