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New nitrate salts for use in rocket propulsion, explosives, and chemical manufacturing (formula two)

Lower cost compounds with less environmental impact

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These novel materials may have application in rocket propulsion.

Alkylated triazolium-based nitrate salts have potential in propulsion and explosives applications. But one of the major drawbacks in commercializing these ionic liquids or low melting salts is the use of silver salts as ion exchange agents.

Use of silver introduces high costs, along with light sensitivity, and residual contamination. The elimination of silver salts would decrease the cost of production and virtually eliminate heavy metal waste and contamination.

To move away from silver salts, Air Force scientists have developed a method for preparing isomerically pure, alkylated, triazolium-based, nitrate salts, by reacting substituted amino 1,2,4-triazolium and 1,2,3-triazolium halides with dinitrogen tetroxide. This reaction can produce alkylated, triazolium-based, nitrate salts comprising 1-hydroxyethyl-1,2,4-triazolium nitrate, 1-propionitrile-1,2,4-triazolium nitrate, 1-acetonitrile-1,2,4-triazolium nitrate or 1-propyl-1,2,3-triazolium nitrate.

These nitrate salts have the potential for improved propulsion performance in rockets and explosive power in energetics and munitions. The performance, cost, and safety characteristics could further enable commercial applications. Because isomer-pure alkylated triazoles are used in the production of pharmaceuticals and agricultural agents, these compounds could deliver costs savings to those industries as well.

This US patent 8,063,228 is related to US patent 7,820,347. The ‘347 patent describes the method for preparing the base formula 1-substituted 1, 2, 4-triazolium nitrates through a reaction of substituted amino 1,2,4 triazolium halides with dinitrogen tetroxide. The ‘228 patent describes the method for preparing the base formula 1-substituted 1, 2, 3, triazolium nitrates through a reaction of substituted 1-amino 1,2,3-triazolium halides with dinitrogen tetroxide.

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