Non-pyrotechnic, non-lethal compressed gas disseminator

  • US Patent No. 9423225
  • Issued: August 23, 2016
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A non-pyrotechnic disseminator includes a body portion with a cover; a first compartment adjacent to the cover that is configured to hold disseminating materials; a chamber adjacent to the first compartment; a disk within the chamber and adjacent to the first compartment; a flow control device adjacent to the chamber opposite the disk; a second compartment adjacent to the flow control device and including a pin; an actuating mechanism connected to the pin; a third compartment adjacent to the second compartment opposite the flow control device that is configured to hold compressed gas; and a seal separating the second compartment from the third compartment. Actuation of the actuating mechanism causes the pin to break the seal causing release of the compressed gas into the second compartment and through the flow control device in a predetermined delayed timing, and then causing the compressed gas to burst the disk thereby pushing the disseminating materials out of the body portion by rupturing the cover.

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