Non-pyrotechnic, non-lethal spring powered disseminator

  • US Patent No. 9587920
  • Issued: March 07, 2017
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A non-pyrotechnic disseminator includes a body portion with a cover; a first compartment that holds disseminating materials; a spring-loaded piston; a cable connecting the piston to a base of the body portion: a second compartment adjacent to the first compartment; a control mechanism; and an initiator mechanism. The control mechanism sets a delay timing countdown for initiation of dissemination of the disseminating materials out of the body portion. The initiator mechanism begins the delay timing countdown. The second compartment includes a delay fuze module; and a cutting mechanism in contact with the cable. The delay fuze module processes the delay timing countdown, and upon expiration of the countdown, sends a signal to the cutting mechanism to cut the cable. When the cable cuts, the spring uncoils and pushes the piston, which forces the disseminating materials out of the body portion by rupturing the cover.

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