Non-toxic primer and topcoat resins

Chemical and weather resistant alternative to isocyanates


USS America sailor mixes resin for composite repairs.

According to BCC Research, the global engineering resin and polymer alloy/blend market were estimated at $35.2 billion in 2016. The polyamide segment is the second largest at $9.8 billion. It is within this market that this invention may have an impact.

Navy scientist and engineers have developed novel industrial resins from silane functional polyamides which produce a very hard, fast-curing, highly chemical resistant film which possesses excellent adhesion and good thermal stability. A key benefit to these resins is their non-toxicity.

Characteristics include:

  • The adipate-based resin system can be used advantageously as a dipodal silane additive to improve adhesion of coatings to difficult substrates.
  • The unmixed resin is sufficiently low in viscosity to be used without any solvent and can be used to formulate high heat and fire resistant coatings.
  • The product can also be used as a reactive diluent in oil-based coatings or as a porosity filler for metal sprayed coatings.
  • The resin is suitable to be used as a polysiloxane resin with outstanding weathering properties.
  • The flexibility of the resin system can be improved by partially end-capping with an amino silane.
  • It is also possible to add primary and or secondary amines or polyamines to control the chain length and the percentage of silane in the backbone.

This US application number 20170240704 is a continuation of US Pat. No. 9,644,114.

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