Oceanic route finder

Point-to-point routing when points are moving

Software & Information Technology

Route finder quickly derives the shortest route from a near infinite number of options.

Ships travelling from point A to point B generally want to take the shortest route without running aground. Setting aside such things as currents, weather, political conflicts, and other variables, this is not a difficult calculation when going from port-to-port, and plenty of preferred routes exist. However, when the destination or origin are arbitrary – such as a refueling ship at sea trying to intercept another ship – this can become a problem. In those scenarios, thousands of shortest-route calculations must be done in a time frame insensible to a human, so speed in finding the shortest route is of the essence.

The present application provides a method and system that quickly determines the shortest oceanic route between dynamic points X and Y, using an oceanic routing system in which a computer implements spherical mathematics to calculate the shortest route. If Y is not visible from X, the system uses an overlay of vertexes on the globe and navigates from vertex to vertex.

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