Pan & tilt mount for a solar reflector

Simple device allows for the directing of solar radiation onto a collector and for turning the reflectors out of the way of damaging weather


In order to lower costs and increase the efficiency of solar concentration installations, Navy scientists have devised a T-shaped torque coupler support for the mounting of reflectors and mirrors. The simple torque coupler and support permit mirrors or other reflectors in a solar energy collector to be mounted on the horizontal ends of the T to rotate vertically around 360°.

The support also includes a stand tube – the vertical portion of the T configured to support the weight of the torque tube and reflectors. The stand tube slides into a bearing stake secured in the ground thus allowing 360° of horizontal rotation.

With this design, the mirrors or other reflectors may be turned to any angle to track the rays of the Sun. Further, the fragile mirrors may be completely flipped over in the case of hailstorms, in order to avoid destruction. This ability to rotate the glass mirrors permits inexpensive, widely available glass mirrors to be used as reflectors in a number of different situations.

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