Air Force

Phugoid peaks trajectory for hypersonic glide vehicles

  • US Patent No. 9639085
  • Issued: May 02, 2017
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A new apparatus and method for determining trajectories for hypersonic glide vehicles significantly reduces integrated, or total, heat load, with little reduction in time to distance and maximum range. The new approach identifies a trajectory having large phugoid oscillations and plotting a glide trajectory along the peaks of the phugoid oscillations. The glide trajectory is determined by calculating a first altitude that results in a maximum lift to drag ratio trajectory having damped or small phugoid oscillations, then calculating a different altitude that results in larger phugoid oscillations, and higher phugoid peaks, and finally plotting a trajectory from the first altitude that follows the peaks of the higher phugoid oscillation trajectory. The thus calculated trajectory can be input into a glide vehicle guidance system for controlling the trajectory of the glide vehicle from a point where it reaches the first altitude.

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