Portable assembly of stackable drawers of rotating cylindrical rollers

  • US Patent No. 8978223
  • Issued: March 17, 2015
  • Status: Active

An apparatus for curing cylindrical shaped elements having a liner, especially a liner of a rocket motor sleeve, where the cylindrical shaped elements are cured during rotation in a horizontal orientation. Horizontal rotation produces a liner with a substantially uniform thickness. The apparatus is mobile, compact, and has built-in robust safety mechanisms not compromised by the heat used to effect a cure. The cylindrical rollers are easily cleaned with minimal cross-contamination of one lot to another. Dripping of elastomeric materials from one assembly of rollers onto a stackable assembly of rollers below is eliminated. Each stackable assembly of rollers is independently controlled where each assembly is driven by its own motor, so rotation of one assemble does not affect another assembly of rollers.

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