Process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus

  • US Patent No. 9647343
  • Issued: May 09, 2017
  • Status: Active

Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship. The exemplary back plate comprises a plurality of alignment pins adapted to engage with alignment locations of multiple element assembly items. The exemplary base plate and alignment mounting structures couple to end cap parts disposed on opposing ends of the multiple element assembly items holding the items together. A clamping mechanism maintains/releases pressure on the multiple element assembly items against the back plate. The back plate holds alignment pins in a first back plate location in a first orientation for one type of multiple element assembly items and hold the alignment pins in a second location when the back plate is in a second orientation for a different type of multiple element assembly items.

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