Process for recovering an unmanned vehicle

  • US Patent No. 9911059
  • Issued: March 06, 2018
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A process for recovering a vehicle includes obtaining a red green blue (RGB) image comprising a target on a recovery device. An input received from a user designates a target hue value and a target luminance value. The RGB image is converted to a hue value saturation (HSV) color model. The HSV color model is split into a hue value plane and a luminance value plane. A hue band pass filter and a luminance band pass filter are configured with appropriate thresholds. The configured hue band pass filter and the luminance band pass filter are applied to the hue value plane and the luminance value plane, respectively. The filtered hue value plane and the filtered luminance value planes are combined to yield a plurality of potential target pixel groupings. The most probable target is determined from the plurality of potential target pixels. The vehicle is directed to the target.

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