Air Force

Push-lock load attachment device

This device could be used in connection with the Air Force Auto Belay Insertion System or as a separate component for the quick and secure attachment of loads to a fixed bar, beam, or ring

Military Technology

Connection of heavy objects that require lifting and holding the load in position call for significant effort and dexterity. Military personnel routinely encounter such situations when securing loads to helicopters. Originally developed by the Air Force to secure equipment to a bar extending outward from a helicopter bay (the FRIES bar), the push locking load attachment device can be applied to any area or field that includes manual lift and attachment of a rope to a bar-like connection point.

Such connection points could include large D-rings for connection of slung loads beneath rotary wing aircraft and other scenarios where transported materials are typically connected by manual force. The invention is an improvement to the current state of the art for load and safety connection devices such as carabineers as it allows for a single direction, low-dexterity connecting motion for personnel to use when attaching heavy or awkward loads to elevated positions. Civilian applications may include connection of objects to gantry cranes for movement around a warehouse or manufacturing floor and connection of tools to elevated maintenance platforms.

This component may be used in conjunction with the Air Force Auto Belay Insertion System.

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