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Quick-dissolve powdered meal replacement

Contains electrolytes, vitamins, and protein sustains physical endurance, maintains cognitive function, and reduces muscle loss


Air Force Research Laboratory scientists have developed a quick-dissolve powder supplement with electrolytes, vitamins, and protein as a meal replacement that maintains physical and cognitive performance. The patent-pending formulation is available via license agreement to companies who would make, use, or sell it commercially.

The Air Force’s high-performance supplement provides critical nutrition for military personnel but would also fuel commercial, recreational, health, and nutrition customers. (Jana Wersch/Pixabay)

AFRL scientist Dr. Reggie O’Hara developed the high-performance powder supplement with an optimal blend of nutrients including 40 grams of protein, 430 calories, electrolytes, and 100% of daily vitamin needs in a single serving.

High energy expenditure without proper nutrition can lead to dehydration and hyponatremia, heat illnesses, loss of lean muscle mass, injuries, and lack of mental acuity.

The quick-dissolving formula can be added to bladder-filled backpack or mixed in a bottle.

This powdered supplement relieves hunger and does not cause energy spikes and crashes that accompany sugar and caffeine supplements. It is not dairy-based, making it safe for individuals with dairy allergies and preventing spoilage.

The supplement also provides a lighter, smaller alternative to Meals Ready to Eat.

While the Air Force is potentially interested in procuring the final product for military personnel, the product would undoubtedly find civilian customers participating in outdoor recreation, sports, health, and nutrition activities.

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