Quick-flow fire suppression nozzle

Faster response to a fast-moving fire


Given the volatile weapons and ordnance on a Navy ship, and a lack of place in which to flee, a ship-board fire can escalate into a disaster quickly. Crew members train routinely for such occurrences but all the training in the world will not compensate for equipment which is slow to deliver water or other fire suppression liquids to the scene. For this reason each point in the connection from water supply to the tip of the nozzle is examined by Navy engineers in order to find places to improve response time and lower the potential for failure.

To this point, the Navy has developed a fast response fluid flow control nozzle that combines the technology used to rupture the frangible discs found in pressurized container-based fire protection and suppression systems (fire extinguishers) with that found in fixed-pipe spray and sprinkler systems. The crux of the invention is the projection of a small pressure wave at the underside of a fragile and brittle disc sufficient to rupture the disc quickly. Rupturing this element releases the flow of fire extinguishing material.

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