Quick Manufacturing Route to Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries

Halogen modified lithium-manganese (Li-Mn) spinel materials are good candidates for use as cathodes in rechargeable lithium electrochemical systems


The US Army RDECOM seeks a partner to license and commercialize a facile synthesis route to a family of halogen modified lithium-manganese (Li-Mn) spinel materials suitable for use as cathodes in rechargeable lithium electrochemical systems

By introducing halogens into the starting material mixture and subsequently into the final product, the synthesis process time of lithium manganese-based spinel materials was reduced by at least an order of magnitude – from ~ 50 hours to less than 4 hours. In addition, the preparation is performed at relatively low temperatures, affording better control and high yield rates by minimizing temperature gradients within the mixture during processing. This synthesis method uses commonly available chemicals, is conducted in an open atmosphere, and is compatible with existing cathode manufacturing practices.

Tested as cathodes, these materials have shown to be very robust against over and under voltage compared to conventional Li-Mn spinel, leading to improved cycle life; other cathode performance characteristics are not compromised by the addition of halogens.

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