Radar processor system and method

  • US Patent No. 7193558
  • Issued: March 20, 2007
  • Status: Expired

An adaptive radar processing system includes an antenna array for transmitting a radar signal and for receiving a return radar signal, and a signal processor programmed with an enhanced FRACTA algorithm (FRACTA.E). The basic FRACTA algorithm is enhanced to FRACTA.E with (any or all of) five enhancements, versions 1–5. Version 1 is a stopping criterion, for censoring samples, that is adaptive to a radar return data set. The inclusion of a stopping criterion improves the computational speed of FRACTA.E thereby improving its efficiency. Version 2 uses global censoring. Version 3 uses fast reiterative censoring. Version 4 uses segmenting of data vectors for AMF application. Version 5 uses Knowledge-aided covariance estimation (KACE) to reduce the required sample support that may be necessary in non-homogeneous environments, providing substantially the same level of detection performance with considerably less training data.

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