Radar pulse compression repair

  • US Patent No. 7298315
  • Issued: November 20, 2007
  • Status: Expired

A radar pulse compression repair (RPCR) system includes a receiver for receiving a radar return signal, a matched filter for applying matched filtering to the radar return signal to generate a matched filter output, a processor programmed for applying Radar Pulse Compression Repair (RPCR) to the matched filter output to suppress a plurality of range sidelobes from the matched filter output, and a detector for receiving the RPCR-processed output. The RPCR invention in operating upon the output of the matched filter enables RPCR to be employed as a post-processing stage in systems where it is not feasible to replace the existing pulse compression apparatus. RCPR can also be selectively employed when it is possible that large targets are present that may be masking smaller targets, thereby keeping computational complexity to a minimum.

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