Radar video data viewing system

Viewing interface for analyzing radar video data obtained from a missile seeker

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The discussed technology radar video data from the seeker within this Harpoon missile can be downloaded to a PC, viewed and analyzed. (Kaleb R. Staples/Navy)

For performance testing and training, there is a need to view radar video data obtained from a Harpoon missile seeker in a graphical form which depicts radar scans. There is also a need to view this radar video data using currently available standard office software found on most Windows operating system compatible PCs. This is desirable due to restrictions in the applications allowed to run on many Government computer networks, such as the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) network used by civilian and military employees of the Department of the Navy.

Addressing the above needs and restrictions, Navy engineers have developed highly effective computer software for plotting multiple scans of radar video data on a chart as well as detection gate information for each scan of radar video data appearing on the chart. The data being plotted is from the seeker of a missile which is tracking a target. Target information appears within the detection gate information generated by the missile’s seeker.

The radar video data for each scan and its associated detection gate information is loaded onto a data worksheet in Microsoft Excel. The computer program then plots scans of radar video data from the worksheet and the detection gate with the user providing input to identify the scans of radar video data which the program plots on a chart. The chart appears on a monitor which allows a user to view the scans of radar video data and associated detection gates.

Program features include pan left, pan right, zoom in and zoom out functions which the user manipulates for multiple views of the radar video data and detection gate plots shown on the monitor.

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