Readily Available, Specific, Plant Based, Endotoxin Removal Agent

Powerful endotoxin removal agent. Plant based - e.g.: teas & cranberries. No need for cumbersome chemical synthesis.

Medical & Biotechnology

Data ImageProanthocyanidins (PACs) are widely found in higher plants including teas, grapes, and cranberries. PACs have been associated with potential positive health benefits including antibacterial and cardio-protective properties. Only recently has the potent lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-binding activity of PACs been discovered, by scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The envisioned applications include LPS removal from contaminated solutions (e.g., pharmaceutical preparations) and in vivo removal and/or neutralization of LPS in septic patients.

The NRL team has identified PACs from multiple plant sources as a new class of LPS-binding substance. They have demonstrated that these PACs bind LPS with an affinity comparable to other well-known LPS-binding compounds such as polymyxin B (PMB). Further, PACs appear to preferentially recognize the conserved lipid A part of LPS, hence allowing the PACs to bind LPS from multiple gram-negative bacterial species.

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