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Reconfigurable liquid attenuated collimator

  • US Patent No. 9431141
  • Issued: August 30, 2016
  • Status: Active
Medical & Biotechnology

A reconfigurable radiographic aperture mask collimator apparatus includes a body portion configured to receive an attenuating liquid having a first attenuation value per unit volume. The apparatus further includes a grid portion mated to a face of the body portion and a plurality of passageways each having a cross sectional area and a length. The plurality of passageways is disposed within the grid portion. A plurality of plugs is slidably disposed within the plurality of passageways, and each of the plurality of plugs has a second attenuation value per unit volume less than the first attenuation value. One of the plurality of passageways is filled with a column of attenuating liquid that is coincident with an end of the one of a plurality of plugs contained therein, and wherein the column substantially conforms to the cross sectional area.

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